Become a hosiery reviewer (fe/male)


Shops and manufacturers keep sending us samples for reviewing, so it’s a perfect opportunity for hosiery enthusiasts (both female and male).

(Existing reviews are also welcome – we need to actually copy the content to our website. We do link to your page / site + promote in social media.)

If you are interested in receiving new hosiery for free, here is how to join our Reviewers community:

  • It’s a non-paid opportunity open for both woman and men.
  • What we need are nice, detailed reviews (check out our reviews section), in English.
  • We also need photos of you (or a friend of you) wearing the hosiery in a fashionable way.
  • To become a member of the Reviewers, you need to have one review published on For that, take an existing pair from your wardrobe, write your review, take photos and send them to chan (at) mantyhose (dot) net.
  • Reviews are preferred to be subjective, personal reviews, focusing on your favorite styles, hosiery preferences, habits and suggestions – they are aimed at other people who want to know opinions about a product before they buy it.
  • You receive the hosiery for free, indeed you might need to pay for shipping and/or customs.
  • Read & follow our image guidelines below!

Image guidelines for reviewers

We need tasteful images, like the pic above. They don’t need to be professional images, but you need to follow a few suggestions:

  • As it’s a hosiery review, be sure that hosiery is visible.
  • Use a good smartphone, maybe a photo camera if you can.
  • Avoid self-photoing – ask a friend to take the photo.
  • Take a shot where your full body is visible, and do some detail shots as well. Photo the package and the material, too. Show your smile 🙂 we don’t want headless people.
  • Be sure to compose the image a bit: there should be a frame around your body. Background and the direction of light is important too.
  • If you don’t want to show your face, don’t pixel it 🙂 instead do a smart composition like in this image:
  • Do not shoot indoors, unless you have very good light conditions: as much light as outside. No need for shady, pixelated images, that smart phones take when there isn’t enough light.
  • For your dress: you can make a fashion statement, or just wear the hosiery as part of an everyday outfit. In both cases, please follow common sense. Don’t do an adult image; dress up fully as you’d go out to the streets. Again, take the image above as an example to follow.
  • Do not resize or color correct the images, just send the originals & we care about the rest.

If you have your own blog, we can link it from your review.
We might use your review / images in social media & mobile as well.
Otherwise you retain all rights: you can publish it elsewhere, use the images elsewhere.

Any questions? Write to chan (at) tights (dot) fun !