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We have an in-depth knowledge of the male tights market

Manufacturers – let’s step into an emerging market now

Emilio Cavallini has an unisex hosiery line, and various European and American manufacturers are coming up with mantyhose products. Maybe it’s time for you, too?

We are ready to help you to design and market your new male / unisex pantyhose / tights / mantyhose product line, or just to think about. What’s more, we have a special programme to help you cost-effectively test-drive some of your existing inventory – ask for more information!

Do you already have male pantyhose product(s)? We are ready to publish an article, or a series of articles about, to take fashion photos and videos and to promote through and our media relations.

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Fashion designers – happy to promote your design

Need publicity for you new collection that involves mantyhose / pantyhose for men, female tights / pantyhose, or unisex hosiery? We’re happy to publish your photos, write about your collection and give you publicity also through our social media presence.

Images that are published at are used by such media outlets as CNN, NBC, Time, Forbes,, FHM and many more local and global participants.


We can help you to promote your existing / new online shop.


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