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Fishnets get their name from the way they are woven in small diamond shapes. They range in size of weave – Micronet being the smallest weave such as Wolford Twenties, Fishnet, trasparenze-rita-medium-net-fishnet-tights-p1879-8141_zoomMedium net and Whalenet being the largest, more open weave.Whale-Net-Tights-plain-WEB

It is not clear when or where fishnets originated from , however they are associated with the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and it is known that they were worn in America around 1908.

Moulin rouge

As hemlines rose in the 1920’s women became more daring by showing their legs.aaec06fe4d0988c370c7df4f26ecb775


















Fishnets allowed the legs to be on show, yet still having a coverage.

The punks in the 70’s favoured fishnets, as did the Goth’s in the 80’s and 90’s, and indeed still do.


Fishnets became more popular within mainstream fashion, and have featured on many catwalk collections. There is a wide range of fishnets available today to accentuate your outfit, from ankle highs to bodystockings, you will be spoilt for choice . If tights are not your preferred choice, try  Levante Fishnet Stockings or Gipsy Fishnet Holdups

Fishnets are available in a range of colours, however black and natural are by far the most popular, with the natural colour thought by some to be the most flattering style for the leg.

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