Fishnets are BACK IN STYLE! For many Fishnets are a love or hate style but recently this classic hosiery look has most definitely been feeling the love. They’re enjoying a moment in the spotlight, becoming a popular choice for woman’s fashion from tights and socks to full body stockings!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.37.13.pngA staple for the runway this season and loved by fashpack and celebrities, fishnets offer an  easy way to make a plain outfit visually striking and ultimately sexy. Walking right off the catwalk into super hip street style, the fishnet look has been adapted to suit a whole range of looks. Kendall, Gigi and more of fashions PYT’s have been sporting nets under denim look that, aside from highlighting their model figure, adds a sexy rebel edge to ripped jeans.

The full body fishnet is a bold look, which can give an elegant edge to your day-to-day wear or a quirky, rock and roll feel to casual outfits. The key, as with many fashion styles, is to keep it simple. Less is more.. so the less you show, the more effective. Think an inch above your jeans waistband or just the neck and calves under a wrap dress – as seen on runway below.


Of course, fishnets will always have a hot, sexy finish and are the perfect addition to evening wear, giving your LBD some extra vavavoom. If you’ve ever shied away from adding sassy nets to your party looks before, now is the chance to get them out! Seen below on Kendall Jenner, who added fishnet hold ups to her party frock.


Spotted on the catwalk at Jenny Peckham who added nude medium nets to give her feminine satin and fur designs some grit. Whilst Philip Lim added black oversized net tops for texture and pattern to earthy tones.


Fishnet’s themselves are now available in a huge range of designs from small micronets to large diamond patterns, in classic black, delicate nudes, crazy neons or sassy red.

Nude fishnets are particularly popular for pop icons such as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Little Mix who want the leg perfecting finish of hosiery with the cool and quirky finish of fishnets rather than sheer pantyhose.

For the classic fishnet look we’d recommend Jonathan Aston Fishnet Tights or Pamela Mann Nets which are available up to XXXL. For the high fashion wide net try Trasparenze’s new season Edera Fishnet Tights which are available in Nude or Black or Gipsy’s Medium Fishnet Tights.

If you’re feeling brave, Miss O’s fishnet Bodystocking is beautifully soft with lovely details such as finger loops.

Be bold, be brave, be bad – Fishnets are catch of the day, you don’t want to be seen without them!


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.39.43.png


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