How to Buy Your Girlfriend Sexy Hosiery for Valentine’s Day – The only 3 Tips you’ll need

The only 3 Tips you’ll need to ace this year’s Valentines Day.

Valentine’s day is soon approaching and if you want to spoil your partner with a sensuous, hot hosiery treat we have all the information you need to get exactly the right gift for your special someone this Valentine’s day.Depending on the type of pair you’re a part of; whether you’ve been married forever, just dating or friends with benefits – there is something for everyone.

Many people are nervous to buy clothing or underwear for their partner – what if it’s not what they want to wear, what if you get the wrong size? Well, follow our trusty tips and you’re sure to impress!

You may be approved to go through your partner’s clothing, but if in doubt ask permission. Or for the daring amongst you, take a cheeky peek whilst there in the shower!

Ideally, you need to know the following when buying sexy lingerie:

1. Gather Key Information


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What Size Is My Girlfriend? – Sizing for hosiery can be tricky. You may know if your girlfriend is generally a small, medium or larger but with hosiery or suspender belts there are other areas to consider. Although most of our styles have a stretchy, flexible fit which is helpful, make sure you consider her height as well as hips and waist.

For a girl with hot hips like Kim K, a larger size will be more flattering. If your girl’s straight up and down like GiGi Hadid, then the smaller waist or hips size will be better.

If in doubt, or you think she’s between sizes, opt for a bigger size (play it safe). Nothing feels more deflating for a woman than feeling like they need to squeeze into a tiny size! Taller girls need bigger sizes in tights and stockings – so that their feet are comfortable and the crotch isn’t around their knees!

For gorgeous Plus Size ladies, try Lida and Miss Naughty’s glamorous styles that run up to XXXL. We provide detailed size charts on all our products, but if you’d like further guidance, give us a call. Remember we offer free returns on un-opened items so you could buy two sizes and let her decide. Only open the size that you wish to keep. We, unfortunately, cannot accept returned open goods due to hygiene reasons.

What’s the best Valentines Hosiery Style?

It’s good to know what styles she’s into, whether it’s Hold Ups, Stockings & Suspenders or all in one Bodystockings, don’t be afraid to ask as it’s always good to know. Whilst you don’t want your lady to feel pressured into wearing something that is completely out of her comfort zone, it’s Valentines Day so you can afford to be a little bit adventurous! If you want to push the boundaries, we suggest going luxury to add a bit of class. Surprise her with sensuous new ideas such as a designer bodystocking from Trasparezne, like The Doina Bodystocking or the Wolford Eve Suspender belt.

Stockings are an all-time valentines favourite and we have a great selection in a range of prices. Seamed stockings add that retro romance that suits Valentine’s oh so well. Remember if you’re buying stockings they’ll need to be worn with a suspender belt. Either purchase a simple one, such as Miss Naughty’s Satin Belt or opt for Hold Ups as these require no belt.

What the best colour for Valentine’s Day Hosiery?

When we think of valentines day the colours red & black come to mind. Try Glamory Deluxe 20 Hold-Ups with a decadent black and red lace top. Alternatively, the Falke Lunelle Peacock top hold ups have a flash of blue for a sultry finish. Many ladies (and gentlemen) love the high gloss look and if this is what you’re looking for anything from the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla range is sure to hit the spot.

2. Know What To Buy

Once you’ve found out the key information the next step is to know what to buy, we’ve come up with a few suggestions that she might like.

If she’s curvaceous and provocative like Nicki Minaj we recommend the Trasparenze Alektra Tutti Bodystocking.

If she’s daring and confident like Rihanna we recommend Fiore Edvige Seamed Pattern Top Stockings

If she’s romantic and sweet like Ariana Grande we recommend Wolford Velvet Light 40 Stay Ups

If she’s into stocking and suspender-style without the fuss these luxury unique opaque suspender tights are great fun and easy to wear! Pierre Mantoux Suspender Tights

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 11.24.10

If she’s into stockings and Suspender Belts for some fun in the bedroom we recommend Miss Naughty Luxury Deep Lace Suspender Belt & Sheer Stocking Set 

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 09.55.58

These are just a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. If you want to look at our full collection of hold ups, stockings, bodystockings and more just head over to The Tight!


3. Present It In A Thoughtful Way

bed of roses.jpg

Avoid sheepishly handing over your Valentine’s Present in a plastic bag, there are much better ways you can present your sexy lingerie gift:

  • Put it in a nice gift bag or box with some tissue inside and a glamorous bow.
  • Add some flowers and chocolate’s for that extra romantic flourish.
  • Book a night in a hotel, somewhere different! Mystery keeps the romance alive…

Always add a romantic note in a valentine’s day card for the finishing touch. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and you should be proud of yourself for putting in the effort.

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