Kim Kardashian Gift Guide: 10 Hosiery Items Any Fan Would Love This Christmas

Have you made your list and checked it twice? We’ve created the perfect gift guide for Kim Kardashian fans. Christmas is approaching and if you’re not sure what to get your Kardashian loving friends or family, well we’ve got you covered.

The Kardashian Effect is in full swing for the holiday season – whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential fashion icons of this generation.

And we all know someone who loves to dress just like her.

Here at The Tight Spot, we’ve chosen 10 hosiery gift items that any Kim fan would love, from Yeezy inspired outfits to the real deal! We’ve got something for you.

1. Shop the similar Look: Footless Tights

Let’s start off with one of Kim Kardashian’s most talked about outfits for this years fashion week. She wore just sheer footless tights, a black leather bandeau and a tuxedo jacket. If you have a friend or family member who loves bold statements, then footless tights could be just what they need this Christmas.

We recommend Gipsy Glitter Footless Tights



2. Shop the real deal: Fishnet Tights

In case you didn’t know fishnet tights are really popular at the moment. From Instagram to runway shows, you see them everywhere. What better gift to give a Kim fan than a pair of Wolford Kaylee Whale net Tights that she also owns! These large net tights have also spotted on Alex Chung, Kate Winslet and more.


3. Shop the similar look: Patterned Tights

Solid black tights will always be a classic look, but why not change up your style with patterned tights. Any Kim Kardashian fan will agree that Kim’s style is very out of the box, but it works and she’s always one step ahead of the fashion industry. Add confidence to any outfit with pattern pantyhose, perfect for your confident, Kim K loving friend.

We recommend Wolford Droplet Fashion Tights



4. Shop the real deal: Wolford Fatal Dress

Kim Kardashian may have a lot of clothes but the one thing that gets used the most is definitely the Wolford Fatal Dress.  This is probably one of the most versatile items any woman would love to have in her wardrobe. Wolford’s Fatal dress can be transformed into a short or long dress. It can be worn as a pencil skirt (just like Kim in the photo below) or shortened as a miniskirt, as well as having the ability to be adjusted into a boob tube top; the possibilities are endless! This would be the perfect Christmas gift for any fan to feel just like Kim.


5. Shop the similar Look: Wolford Lace Up Over The Knee Sock

Kim loves to wear thigh high boots but sometimes it’s hard to walk around in heels all day long. So why not get this similar look for a Kim fan with the Wolford lace up over the knee socks, that they can pair with boots or heels and get the same effect. It’s a great Christmas stocking filler and gives a luxury finish with a smaller price tag!


6. Shop the Similar Look: Trasparenze Burton Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are bang on trend. They’re easy to wear and look great with literally anything. Why not get your loved one a pair of wet look leggings for some rock-chic fashion inspo, seen on all members of the Kardashian klan regularly!


7. Shop the similar Look: Sheer Tights 

Kim Kardashian is known for pushing the boat out when it comes to her fashion choices. We’ve seen fishnet tights with ripped jeans and they look great! so why not try sheer black tights with harem pants?

Sheer tights are a great accessory that’s been making a comeback over the past months. Sexier than opaques but less frumpy than nude sheers.

We recommend Trasparenze Silk Luxurious Tights (available in black, nude, grey and brown)


8. Shop the similar Look: Sheer Thigh High Stockings

Kim recently rocked a pair of sheer thigh high stockings on a night out with her sisters Paired with her trusty tuxedo jacket. It may be winter but that doesn’t stop Kim from wearing thigh highs (and not much else..) and it shouldn’t stop you either. Get these sheer thigh highs for a Kim Kardashian fan!

We recommend Levante Smoothline Seamless Hold Ups


9. Shop the similar Look: Black Opaque Tights

Kim rocks any style or look. These black opaque tights don’t change that. They may seem like the most boring pair of tights but clothed correctly; they become the main event.

We recommend the Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights, these elegant opaque tights with an exceptionally smooth finish offer breathable coverage for a comfortable all day wear. Get your Kim fan a pair of these opaque tights this holiday and maybe they’ll find the Kanye to their Kim. Wolford opaques are also renowned for their long lasting durability – so these tights are the gift that keeps giving!


10. Shop the similar Look:  Wolford Neon 40 Tights

The Yeezy collection is hard to grab and heavy on your bank account. Why not get your loved one a pair of Wolford Neon 40 Tights that inspires the Yeezy Season Collection?  These tights are soft and comfortable to wear all day, they have a high gloss, glamorous appearance. These semi-transparent tights will get the attention they deserve and look and feel just like Kim!


We love all these looks and can’t wait for fans to try them for themselves. Shop for more similar looks at The Tight Spot

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