nylon ankle socks to prevent blistersDo we like the nylon ankle socks? Yes and no. Usually they don’t really materialise the top of the fashion design – they are a rather humble piece of clothing that are supposed to remain unnoticed.

Now we’ve found a more noble task for all nylon ankle socks (and to nylon socks as well): preventing blisters.

Foot blisters and other skin damages might happen if you’re running, hiking, dancing, or just using your feet for a long time because the skin chafes against your socks and/or shoes. (If you’ve been a conscript in the army of a less developed country, supplied with old fashioned leather military boots, you surely know what I’m talking about.)

All you have to do is to wear a pair of nylon ankle sock / nylon sock under your socks. Alternatively, you might cut off the feet of a pair of pantyhose and use them. It’s US military tested!!! So it must work for both women and men.

Also, you can wear them for a couple of days when breaking in new shoes for less blisters/pain.

Buy them at the next corner general store – look for a small and humble box among hosiery or around the cashier’s desk.

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