Promote your shop or product!

princessWe do support most hosiery shops, and as an independent media platform, we can offer you for free:

  • reposting your blog entries, with keeping the original links pointing to you shop / products
  • posting news that you provide in our Shopping category
  • posting other hosiery related news that you provide
  • reviewing your products by our bloggers, in our Reviews category.

Alternatively, we can give you direct access, and you can manage your own posts.
Reason? You need publicity, we need content.

Is it really free? Yes. Of course we have our premium services: we can feature you, or your product in social media (FB, Twitter and Instagram), in our newsletter, and even in our app. We can have special articles that stay at the front for longer than usual. And we can play sponsored games, when you support a few pair of tights and we ask our audience to find out some trivia – it’s pretty endless, and we don’t ask for much.

Just drop an email to chan (at) mantyhose (dot) net. (We don’t support shops selling non-hosiery adult items.)