Creative services for hosiery industry

More than just a magazine

On the top of being the de facto media outlet and influencer for hosiery, we have in-depth expertise in the field of social media marketing, online marketing, film, photo and video production – basically everything you might need for an online campaign.

Should you look for high-end, custom tailored solutions, you are at the right place.

Male market

For many years, (former and was focusing on the male hosiery market, especially on introducing and selling / promoting tights for men (both sheer and opaque).

During these years we gathered a unique experience and insight to this market.


We have an in-depth knowledge of the male tights market

Market research, influence for male hosiery market

Emilio Cavallini has an unisex hosiery line, and various European and American manufacturers are coming up with mantyhose products. Maybe it’s time for you, too?

We are ready to help you to design and market your new or existing male / unisex pantyhose / tights / mantyhose product line, or just to think about. What’s more, we have a special programme to help you cost-effectively test-drive some of your existing inventory – ask for more information!

Do you already have male pantyhose product(s)? We can help selling / promoting them from A to Z, from website to social. We can design and execute campaigns of all sizes.

Female market

As we watch very close the flow of new products, trends and events, we can provide you with up-to-date solutions for the female market as well.

We do for both markets:

– branding / brand introductions
– FB page management
– social media management
– all kind of online campaigns
– produce related audiovisual materials


Press contact

Images that are published at our website have been used by such media outlets as CNN, NBC, Time, Forbes,, FHM and many more local and global participants.



Chan Kraemer:
By email: chan at tights dot fun