The fashion brand is an iconic luxury label that is loved by celebrities from Kim Kardasian to Kate Middleton. Wolford started as a hosiery only brand, adored for its durable and comfortable legwear such as the ever-popular velvet de luxe tights. They later expanded to producing underwear and clothing. But how did this high end hosiery brand become the go to name for accessory staples pretty young things, social media starlets and reality tv royalty?!

The Wolford in pop culture frenzy began in the 90s with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s love for the brands bodycon dresses. The idolised twins’ style was being replicated by fans who wanted to dress like their fashion icons, making the brand a recognised label to a whole new market of stylish young adults and teens. For Hollywood red carpets to British aristocracy – it was also reported at this time that Princess Diana would only wear hosiery from this high end Austrian brand.


Ashley Olsen 2007

The bodycon dresses have been described as comfortable and supportive with no need for a bra. This ultra luxury feel is a key reason for the overwhelming amount of attraction from celebrities. The fatal dress is favoured most of all by Kim Kardasian, who wore the dress throughout her whole pregnancy – recommending it to gal pal model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigan, who also wore the dress during her pregnancy. The iconic Wolford body suits are also a go to piece for celebrities have been worn by stars including Selena Gomez to Michelle Monaghan, Miranda Kerr and Jamie King.



Selena Gomez in Wolford Body Suit and Jeans


The Kardishians are ‘Wolford superfans’ and have a craze for all of the clothing, hosiery and underwear produced by the brand. Every member of the family from Kylie Jenner to Kim are in love with the brand for its sophisticated look and high quality comfort.

Their polished look goes to show that investing in high quality foundation pieces will help your overall look to shine. Check out our fantastic range of Wolford hosiery for every day and fashion looks.


Brand new styles just in – Pyramid Tights have hundreds of tiny triangles all over the sheer front of the leg and Sideline tights have an animal print stripe on the inside and the outside of the leg. Have a look at the new fashion from Wolford here.


The everyday Wolford range is seen on various celebrities. Above shows Heidi Klum in Wolford Twenties, Taylor Swift In Wolford Stockings and Jamie King in a Wolford Body Suit.






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