Wolford’s new high quality innovative designs are bringing a brand new look to 2017 with a bigger and bolder fashion!

A feminine look is achieved through the Lace up Capri Leggings, which are an elegant ballet style. This design is perfect for gymnasts or dancers. The sophisticated appearance also makes these great for work or everyday fashion. This style is popular amongst those looking for a delicate image. Try the Lace Up Leggings or Lace Up Over The Knee Socks for a more striking appearance.


Following the latest fashion trends and catwalk styles Wolford has created fishnet tights – with coverage! For those who strive to shadow celebs such as Alexa Chung or Kim Kardashian but aren’t too sure how to wear fishnets, Xara Tights provide the appearance of micronets with a 20 denier finish. An elegant way to incorporate fishnets into your day to day wear. further fashion appeal is the Linn Socks, which have a mesh net structure that wraps around the bottom half of the leg for a subtle trend. For a more unusual fishnet style try the Patti Tights, these contrast to the average fishnet look – a diverse approach to this look.

Although Wolford introduce new, innovative designs every season, there are classic styles such as seams and tattoo tights that continue to deliver fabulous fashion looks. Go head to toe Wolford with the Wolford Fatal dress, this is a fantastic interchangeable piece that can be worn as a mini skirt, a short dress, a maxi dress and even as a top. Another key fashion piece that is perfect for this summer is the Culottes, these are a personal favourite of ours, with a flared bottom, they are designed to give slim leg look and can be worn as trousers.

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