Here comes the Summer – Guide to Sheer Hosiery

This lovely weather has really cheered us all up, with thoughts of long sunny days to come – hopefully !
We thought we would select a few of our most popular styles of sheer hosiery to help you decide what you may need to complete your outfit for those special occasions you may have lined up this season. Whether it be a special wedding, a summer garden party, raceday or holiday, we have hosiery to suit.

Our sheer hosiery starts at a very sheer 5 denier and goes up to 20 denier. If you prefer more coverage, you may prefer a 30 denier or even 40 denier style.


The lighter denier’s can give you the bare leg look whilst looking more polished, and feeling more secure in your appearance . They are generally a matt finish , although some have a slight sheen. Prices vary from  Pretty Polly 5 denier with Sideria  or  Gipsy 7 denier Better than Bare  to the premium brands Falke Invisible Deluxe 8 and Wolford Naked 8 . 17055_4004_100_005_B_M_PPT






Toeless tights and holdups have become increasingly popular in recent years.  There is no need now use streaky fake tan!  Most of the popular manufacturers now have toeless tights in their collection Pretty Polly Naturals Open Toe Tights being one.   Falke Open Toe Holdup  is the only toeless holdup on the market at the minute, hence they are very popular.


Voilance-Tights-MobileThe most choice available in sheer hosiery is in the range of 10 – 15 denier.  It may be that you feel slightly more secure in this range than the lighter deniers. There are various finishes to this range, matt, soft shine and glossy.  It really depends on your style, the occasion, and the outfit as to what suits best. Kunert Fresh up 10 uses a special fibre to ensure you stay cool,   Gipsy Soft Shine offers a subtle sheen and  Levante Class tights  are a good choice for a glossier finish and are available is a multitude of colours to enhance any outfit. Manufacturers, in the main, try to cover all size requirements , the  Pretty Polly Curves range are specially designed for the fuller figured lady.  You may feel that you are more comfortable, for your special occasion, in pair of tights which offer some shaping, and there are lots to choose from here also, such as Aristoc Hi Leg Toner Tights.





Wolford Satin Touch 20  is one of our most popular 20 denier styles which offer extra leg coverage, yet still have a lovely sheer, shine appearance.  This denier can be useful for  covering slight blemishes on the leg.



41511_20 cmHoldUps_PNASY2_PKFor all of you who prefer the freedom of  holdups and stockings to tights, you will still find an amazing choice in all deniers Falke Lunelle 8 denier holdups  have an amazingly beautiful peacock top, and Aristoc Sensuous  offer affordable luxury. Cette Berlin stockings  are ideal for those occasions when you need a backseam, don’t save them just for 40’s events.








So roll on Summer.

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