The Beauty Plus Range – VIP Interview With FALKE’s Sarah Plaßmann

Here at Luxury Legs, we are so proud to announce that we are now stocking FALKE’s Beauty Plus Range! We had a chat with Sarah Plaßmann, about Beauty Plus, Fashion, Falke and beauty. This is how it went;

Tell us about you and how you started at Falke:

    • Sarah Plaßmann, 30 yrs, living in Cologne, since 2016 at FALKE, responsible as PM for the segment “FALKE Women Hosiery & Bodywear” (fashion collections, basic assortment and innovations).  Start at FALKE Fashion, then “moved” to core business “legwear”.

Tell us about Beauty Plus:

  • From an idea to a pair of tights
    • We definitely see a trend: More and more curvy models adorn the covers of major fashion magazines. Curvy celebrities become idols and millions of people are following plus size influencers on Instagram. Even Barbie became curvy!
    • Plus Size Fashion is everywhere and has become an inherent part of the fashion business.
    • Tights specifically for large sizes – are they even necessary? Our answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Discussions with our customers showed that they had very specific wishes and requirements in terms of fit, quality and comfort, which had not previously been fulfilled. That’s why we defined the specific demands together and developed a completely new tights concept. The result? The new FALKE Beauty Plus. They will win you over with their perfectly proportioned cuts with soft shaping at the hips, thighs and calves, exceptional comfort thanks to the high FALKE standard of quality. In order to reflect individual proportions perfectly, they are available with both longer and shorter legs for the perfect FALKE fit
  • Our shared goal: tights that suit the demands of curvy women perfectly!

Was this collection born from a “need” or a “trend”?

    • Both. We first saw the trend (more and more curvy models, curvy women who love fashion and want to express themselves , plus size became an inherent part of the fashion business), but we also saw the “need” while we carried out discussions and research together with consumers


Who is this collection for and who is your target audience. Are you going to develop it going forward?

  • Falke has developed a product for women from size 44-46 upwards, who love fashion and cosmetics and like to wear skirts, dresses and tights.
  • We´re always thinking of new products. Innovation is one of our strongest competitive advantage. Thus, we always have new things in progress.


What are the unique design features of the range and are you going to extend them to other ranges?

The benefits of the Falke product:

  • Beautiful legs thanks to fine transparency and an even and matt appearance (3D knitting technique)
  • Perfectly proportioned cuts for long and short legs (new size system)
  • Innovative, comfortable and wide cuffs
  • Premium panty section without irritating gusset in the panty part
  • No skin irritation due to rubbing on the inside of the thigh
  • Gentle shaping effect due to form-fitting areas
  • No extension to other ranges planned

How do you explain the increased demand for a more diverse size range and what does it mean for a company like Falke?

  • Individualism becomes more and more important – especially in the way of living and thus, fashion. A lot of people want to stand out of the crowd and express their personality and individuality. And as everybody is different and as everybody needs another size to underline his/her individualism and as comfort becomes more and more “state of the art” – we have the increased demand of more diverse size range.


  • What in your view, is the definition of beauty? (can be anything)

For me, beauty is a feeling.

A feeling of pleasure and a positive mood. For me, beauty isn´t automatically related to the appearance of something.

When you see a beautiful woman, or see a breathtaking landscape or hear a nice piece of music and you feel a sudden pleasure, then you´re making an experience of beauty.

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